2013 Speaker Lineup

Lisa Duncan
Sales Operations & Strategic Product Manager
Greg Hudson
Chief Geologist
Mt Gibson Iron
John Winterbottom
General Manager Resources
Evolution Mining
Mark Noppe
Managing Director
David Wesley
Senior Mining Geologist
CST Minerals

Identifying Inefficiencies Across the Mining Value Chain for Better Production Performance

Given current market conditions, now more than ever, reconciliation can be used to improve quality control and increase value delivery. Geologists, Mine Planners, and Metallurgists are being placed under greater pressure to ensure that they are narrowing the gap between forecasts and actual production results.   However, this process is difficult and there is a need to break-down existing silos within organisations. The 2013 Mine Site Reconciliation Conference will address these challenges and focus on;

1. USING ADVANCED RECONCILIATION METHODS TO LOWER COSTS:  Hear from Dassault Systèmes’, Lisa Duncan who will share her knowledge on how to better manage costs. Lisa will focus on how to improve reconciliation processes, models and plans in order to increase profit margins.

2. LEVERAGE RECONCILIATION AS A TOOL FOR SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM IMPROVEMENTS: Find out how Scott Dunham, Director of Quantitative Group integrates reconciliation for long, medium and short term plan improvements.

3. INCREASE COLLABORATION ACROSS GEOLOGY, MINING AND PROCESSING: Understand how you can increase the collaboration across all business units involved in the reconciliation process. In particular, BHP Billiton’s Chris Groenewald will highlight some of the strategies that can be implemented to break down organisational silos for optimised performance.

4. CONSOLIDATION OF DISPARATE DATA: Find out first hand from 3 expert panellists how they have successfully consolidated sources of disparate data for better production reconciliation. Learn about how this has helped them improve forecasts and variances in production.

5. COMPLIANCE TO THE UPDATES OF THE 2012 JORC CODE: find out what the JORC code 2012 edicition means for reporting and reconciliation in your own organisation. Learn about the tools and techniques that you can use to achieve ‘best practice’ in your reconciliation process.

In 2013 the event will involve case studies from leading mining houses and consultants who can help you achieve; downstream integration of the whole production line, methods to help you implement data capture standards for improved communication and also, a strong focus on value increase opportunities.

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